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Thetechnologyblog.us was founded by SDTechnologist. It’s a group of digital marketing and SEO Expert, working for multiple organizations to boost their business and online presence. They are developing new strategies for link building and lead generation.

thetechnologyblog.us is a leading provider of digital content and marketing services and training. We empower brands with content their customers will love, igniting real business results.

About CMO

He started blogging when he was 18 years old, he started it as a passionate hobby. And that interest lead his to explore so many new things that he decided to pursue to his career in this field. (Muhammad Jawad)

Made his first website on Blogspot where he used to update a new article every day. And he did that for a year from that he got his first job as a content writer, and that is how he interest in blogging.

About CTO

He is a computer software engineer and he want to learn new things every day. That thirst for knowledge led his to start this blog and his vision is to make thetechnologyblog.us one of the leading online platforms for readers. (Sheikh Saad)

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