CureMD Vs AthenaOne – Top EMR Functionality and Features Checklist 2023

CureMD and athenaone are both similar in the sense that they both claim to help people lose weight and improve their health. CureMD EMR reviews and User Satisfaction Rating is ‘good’, while athena’s is ‘good’. These metrics were derived from user reviews that were gathered from four recognized software review sites. The majority of reviews praised both CureMD and athena.


When comparing Medical Practice Management Software, it is important to compare both products’ usability. You can do this easily by matching up their functionalities, and then comparing the results. This will give you a good idea of how each one works. In our evaluation, CureMD receives a higher score on the usability scale than athenaOne software, indicating that it is easier to use and more intuitive than athenaOne.

When it comes to usability, CureMD comes out on top with an ‘excellent’ User Satisfaction rating. This rating is based on user reviews – 65 on CureMD and 732 on athenahealth – from four reputable software review sites. However, it is important to note that while most reviews noted the overall usability of the products, some users found the system difficult to use.

CureMD is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system that provides a variety of tools to help doctors improve clinical outcomes. It also offers a patient portal that makes it easier for patients to interact with the doctor. For instance, they can view test results, sign consents, check-in, review their statements, and complete forms.

AthenaOne is a medical records software from athenaHealth. It was recently named the best ambulatory EMR/PM solution in the 2020 Best in KLAS report. It is available for iOS and Android devices and offers features that smaller practices would find useful. The software also allows for secure coordination between different care sites. Other features of athenaOne include customized patient summaries and documentation support.


CureMD is an EHR that provides an overview of a patient’s history, alarms and trends. Its has templates for typical symptoms and is frequently updated with the latest CPT and ICD codes. It also supports automated dictation. It is cloud-based and integrates with athenaOne. It’s also comes with apps for iOS and Android.

CureMD has an award-winning network of health information management systems that include certified EMR, practice management, medical billing and a patient portal. It also offers advanced web technology to help doctors qualify for Meaningful Use subsidies. Athenahealth’s mission is to be the caregiver’s most trusted service.

Athenahealth also offers a cloud-based clinical solution that combines clinical and software services to reduce administrative burdens. Its integrated approach includes engagement tools and partner integrations to help healthcare providers increase efficiency and increase patient satisfaction. It is the best platform for medical practices that are looking for a cloud-based EMR with enhanced functionality and ease of use.

Both athenaOne and curemd provide electronic health records and user-friendly interfaces. AthenaOne has advanced functionality and customer support, and the software can be used on iOS and Android devices. Both systems support secure collaboration between different care sites. The software also features customizable patient summaries and patient profiles.


CureMD and AthenaOne are both EHR software applications. However, the CureMD product is a bit more expensive than AthenaOne. Both companies cost a little more than $140 per month, and CureMD’s price starts at $295 for a single license.

Both products offer different features. You can choose which one is best for your practice by comparing their features. CureMD is generally better in ease of use, while AthenaOne is superior in ease of admin. However, CureMD has better overall user satisfaction ratings.

CureMD’s electronic health records are easier to use, and the software is more intuitive to use. The company also makes it easy for physicians to share their clinical notes with other providers. This allows providers to coordinate patient care better. It also allows lab results to be uploaded to patients’ charts, making it faster and easier for them to share information. Moreover, both solutions have backend support through experts and automation. Both solutions are geared toward improving medical practices’ performance.

CureMD’s practice management solution streamlines administrative, financial, and clinical operations. Moreover, it has a mobile app for iPad users. It is also MU Stage 2 certified. CureMD’s software also helps users to optimize their workflows and understand their current and future processes. It also includes integrated KPI dashboards for better data management. CureMD also provides services such as medical billing, analytics and reporting, and cash flow management. Moreover, it also offers patient portals that allow patients to interact with physicians via e-mails and clinical summaries.

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