How do you go about choosing the blogs for guest posting?

Our approach is to come up with high quality articles on trending topics. This helps us in getting our guest posts approved at top level blogs and websites that are already known for their online presence.

Does guest posting help even after Penguin 2.0?

While guest posting has been one of the best ways of generating credible backlinks, it has been a common trend more in post-Penguin era – the latest algorithmic change brought about by Google has made the guest posting approach more popular than ever before, and it’s certainly effective even after Penguin 2.0 update, though the quality of link sources is what really makes all the difference.

Who can benefit from your guest posting packages?

Through our services, SEO agencies and independent web masters can benefit and give their client websites the right kind of credible link juice that they deserve.

Why do we create long form of content rather than short posts?

While a few blogs publish short posts, search engines are giving greater priority to long form content. And, this helps us address important points in detail in each of our articles and yet make the precise and compelling.

How you have your network or blogs?

No we don’t have our own blog network, but through years of experience, we have managed to build a strong rapport with some of the best blogs across various niches; this, in turn, helps us in getting the guest posts published on highly authoritative blogs.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

You bet – we do! All the larger orders of 100+ guest posts are eligible for bulk discounts, and they can go up to 20%, based on the monthly volumes.

What is the average time frame for getting a guest post published?

Well, the answer is totally subjective because it may just take a couple of days in few cases, while it could go up to couple of weeks or more, in other cases. But, we always make it a point, to meet the deadlines, and fulfil our commitments of completing all the projects within the specified time-line.

Do you use any private blog networks of black-hat SEO tactics?

We certainly hate web-spam as much as Google does; hence, we never make use of any dirty SEO tactics, nor do we believing in generating any links from spammy sources. Hence, we never make use of any private link networks.

Do you filter all your blogs manually to ensure that they’re genuine?

Yes, we screen all the blogs manually, and approve them only after one of our team members finds it genuine, legitimate, and non-toxic, so that a link coming from such a source is never penalized by Penguin update in future.