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Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Consider it the airplane option when you want to get somewhere fast (in your life). That moment when you go to take a bite, a hit, a drink, there is a chance for the pause; to be mindful, to look in, and walk away from the compulsion. If you don’t quit when your ego tells you to, it will eventually stop chattering in the background. Then it’s just you contending with your ghosts, your fears, your pain. This is simply because you’re doing things you’ve never done. This freaks the brain out—it does not fare well with the unknown.

  • Our emotions are playing a large part in why we can’t stop the pattern.
  • Thanks Mukta, for sharing your wise and compassionate self with the
    rest of us.”
  • As you go through physically challenging kriyas, your ego will be yelling in your head that this is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.
  • This is a Kundalini Yoga meditation to be practiced for 40 days beginning on the New Moon.

It might be our surroundings or due to your need to numb yourself. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can benefit anyone who is experiencing anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviors by offering healthy alternative to handle stress, anxiety and depression. You will be given tools that can be used throughout the day to help keep you centered, connected and calm. Give yourself this gift of relaxing your mind, body and soul. If we are not addicted to smoking, eating, drinking or drugs, then we are addicted subconsciously to acceptance, advancement, rejection, emotional love, etc,.


You can choose to chant out loud, in a loud whisper, or silently in your head. Whatever mantra speaks to you and feels right, is right. While you breathe, you will chant a mantra to help you focus.

In 1978, SuperHealth distinguished itself as being in the top 10% of all treatment programs throughout the United States. As an experiment, he housed two heroin addicts in his center in Washington, D.C. The core of his treatment program for them was Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Book review of a new book using the SuperHealth system to help treat addictive behavior using Kundalini Yoga and meditat…

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“Need some advice or direction today? Let the Guru guide you! Take a personal virtual-hukam from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.” “The inner depths of my mind are pierced by love for the Lord; I cannot live without the Lord.” Through closed eyes roll them up to look at the space between the eyebrows – the Third Eye Point. 1) Sit with a tall straight spine, apply Jalandhara Bandha (Neck Lock) by gently drawing the back of the throat towards the spine &
lengthening the back of the neck whilst lifting the chest. Enjoy a twice monthly dose of inspiration that includes practices, recipes, numerology, and more.

If you want to live with greater awareness and intention, one way to enter this state of heightened attention is to practice meditation. Kundalini meditation, which focuses on primal energy, is a way of channeling your energy, releasing yourself from stress and living on “auto-pilot.” It’s important that if you are suffering from addiction to get assistance from as many angles as possible. Our emotions are playing a large part in why we can’t stop the pattern. There is a lot to understand and a great deal of effort that needs to take place for this life transformation.

Origin of Yoga and Meditation

At first, even just two minutes of meditation might feel like a struggle. Quieting your mind takes practice, and even just a few minutes can have a positive impact. Yoga poses and the quiet reverent settings they were offered in taught me a new way to become settled and to feel safe. In yoga I learned to rest in the felt experience of the body and the breath, first in class but eventually whenever I was willing to move from thinking to feeling.

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